Carthage Swine Conference

Agenda - 2023

We are excited to share with you the speakers and topics for our 32nd Annual Swine Conference! Click here to download the complete PDF version with times and room locations.

Morning Agenda
7 - 8:00 AM Registration
Breakfast Sponsored by: Illinois Pork Producers Association
8:00 AM Introduction Dr. Aaron Lower, Carthage Veterinary Service
8:10 AM NPPC - New Brand and Hot Topics Bryan Humphries, National Pork Producers Council
8:30 AM Input Cost and Grain Markets Clay Edwards, Cargill
8:50 AM Pork at Retail John Groene, Hy-Vee Inc.
9:10 AM Pig Survivability Dr. Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Service
9:25 AM Awards Dr. Aaron Lower, Carthage Veterinary Service
Prop 12 Perspectives
10:00 AM Prop 12 - Why are we here? Dr. William Hollis, Carthage Veterinary Service
10:10 AM Prop 12 - Updates Dr. Liz Cox, California Department of Agriculture
10:30 AM Prop 12 - Our Martin Farms Experience Brian Martin/Azael Romero, Martin Family Farms
10:45 AM Prop 12 Lessons Learned...So Far Tiffany Lee, Clemens Food Group
Sow Mortality Solutions
10:00 AM Defining the Problem Dr. Dyneah Classen, Carthage Veterinary Service
10:15 AM Sow Mortality Risk Factors Dr. Chris Rademacher, Iowa State University
10:30 AM The Value of Sow Farm Chores Dr. Chris Rademacher, Iowa State University
10:45 AM Getting to the Root Cause of Sow Mortality Dr. Sergio Canavate, PIC
11:00 AM Sow Longevity: Does Occam's Razor Apply? Dr. Tom Petznick, ArkCare
PRRS: The Fight Continues
10:00 AM PRRS 144 L1C - Producer Impact Adam Ruoff, Pine View Pork
Dr. Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Service
10:15 AM The Story of L1C PRRS, Where Did it Come From? Dr. Giovani Trevisan, Iowa State University
10:30 AM Epidemiology of L1C PRRS What makes this strain different? Dr. Gustavo Silva, Iowa State University
10:45 AM Using Antibiotics to Manage PRRS Infection Dr. Dustin Boler, Carthage Veterinary Service
11:00 AM The Value of MLV PRRS Vaccines Dr. Stephen Patterson, Passion for Pigs
11:15 AM Securing a Sow Herd Against PRRS Dr. Aaron Lower, Carthage Veterinary Service
Modern Human Resources
10:00 AM Navigating the Future of Work: Talent without Borders Twyla Stevens, Carthage System
Nancy Perez, Carthage System
Samantha Darby, Carthage System

Afternoon Agenda
Prescribed Nutrition
12:00 PM ETEC - Health Dr. Elise Toohill, Carthage Veterinary Service
12:20 PM Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Mortality Dr. Omarh Mendoza, The Maschhoffs
12:40 PM Feeding pigs without ZnO Dr. Jason Woodworth, Kansas State University
1:00 PM Dynamics of feeding pigs in 2022 Dr. Aaron Gaines, Ani-Tek
1:20 PM Gilt & Sow Nutrition Dr. Jorge Estrada, Carthage Veterinary Service
Casey Neill, Carthage Veterinary Service
Disease Elimination Strategies
12:15 PM PRRS Shedding & Sampling Dr. Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University
12:30 PM Economics of PRRS Elimination Drew Hesker, The Maschhoffs
12:45 PM Seneca Virus A Shedding & Sampling Dr. Guilherme Milanez Preis, University of Minnesota
1:00 PM Seneca Virus A Elimination in 6 Weeks Dr. William Fombelle, Carthage Veterinary Service
1:15 PM Diagnostic Approaches for Mycoplasma Elimination Dr. Amanda Sponheim, Boehringer Ingelheim
1:30 PM Mycoplasma Eliminations & Lessons Learned Dr. Megan Bloemer, Carthage Veterinary Service
Business Sustainability
12:30 PM ASF Update Dr. Paul Sundberg, Swine Health Information Center
12:50 PM ASF Preparedness Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, National Pork Board
1:10 PM Carbon Credits Clay Edwards, Cargill
1:30 PM Sustainability Erica Lain, Iowa Select Farms
Future of Data Analytics
12:00 PM From Data Mining to Actual Analytics Bryce Westen, Carthage Veterinary Service
12:15 PM Power of Power BI Rob Reiling, Carthage System
12:30 PM Gilt Retention & Utilization James Plfum, Carthage System
12:45 PM Semen Reporting Andy Mench, Carthage System
1:00 PM Daily Reporting Mandy Dutton, Carthage System
1:15 PM Utilize Swine Data for Performance Models Edison Magalhaes, Iowa State University
1:30 PM Business Intelligence and Prediction Dr. Beau Peterson, Carthage Veterinary Service
2:00 PM Production Tips & Tricks Competition Dr. Beau Peterson, Carthage Veterinary Service
Jose Santiago, Tosh Farms
Jarred Lorenz, H&H Farms
Julio Quiroz, Eichelberger Farms
Dan Gowanlock, Mercer Landmark
2:50 PM Keynote Address Joseph Dykhuis, Dykhuis Farms
3:20 PM Thank You Dr. Aaron Lower, Carthage Veterinary Service
3:30 - 7:00 PM TAILGATE TRADESHOW Join us for networking, food, drinks and giveaways!