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    AUGUST 27TH 2024


    Carthage Veterinary Service looks forward to welcoming you to the 34th Annual Swine Conference & Tailgate Trade Show. Join us Tuesday, August 27, 2024, at the Oakley Lindsay Center in Quincy, IL.

    Carthage Veterinary Service understands the current economic state of the industry and appreciates your desire to learn and network for the day. We are happy to announce that the 2024 Conference will provide the same quality content at a reduced cost. As always, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments are included with registration.

    Our informative sessions will feature speakers and presentations to help you:

      • Profit from diversification
      • Evaluate health, nutrition and technology through applied research
      • Meet disasters with creative solutions
      • Train and retain employees of value

    Note: Only two attendees can be registered at a time. For additional attendees, please complete registration as many times as needed. Please email us at conference@hogvet.com with any questions or problems with registration. 

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